Inês Costa is a London based designer born in Lisbon, from Guiné Bissau. After completing her studies at Escola Artística António Arroio she moved to London where she has been renamed:

Inesh, Ineech, Aines, Inēes, Inëz,  Hienes, Enes, Iwunes, Enid, Inez, Ineizi, Ineesh, Neis, Inés, Inees, Agnes, Hinis, Hienis, Ynes, Ynnyz...                                 

Having recently graduated from Central Saint Martins, she describes her work as a close exploration between the tangible and untagible. Focusing on the space that differs both physical and digital work.
Through a playful and experimental approach Inês challenges graphic communication design towards her main fields of interests: Publishing, Illustration and Creative Direction. 


Hi there!!!!  I’m Inês with a ^, not Inesh neither Aines. You might be asking ‘why is she putting so much empashis on her name ?
Well I like to describe my practice as the muted (but not) accent on my name. When it comes to design I’m interested in the querkyniss
of the invisible and “out of reach”. I’m interested in the topic of identity, and highlighting the uniqueness of it all.
What makes that ^ special. There’s always more than what meets the eye so why settle?

If you are interested in learning how to say my name properly and know more please get in touch.



2016 - 2019
BA Graphic Communication Design
Central Saint Martins

2015 - 2016
UAL Level 4 Diploma Art and Design
Foundation  Studies (QCF)
Central Saint Martins


June 2019

Central Saint Martins Degree Show 
Jan - Mar 2018
Open Dialogue: Artist and Designers of Afro
Caribbean Descent

June 2017
The Passage Victoria

Mar 2016
Visual Identity for Made to Persuade
Central Saint Martins

May 2017
Runner Up Visual Identity for the Bloomsbury
Festival Competition
Inês Costa © London, United Kingdom 2019