The Trimmer

Storytelling, Illustration
The trim(me)r is a collection of fgurative prints translating the dystopian reality of an artist of colour when placed in institutionalized spaces. It highlights black female representation through the nuances of afro hair. Using a grass trimmer as a metaphor to the “cut”, “adaptation” and “reshape” one faces. The prints were exhibited at Degree Show Two: Central Saint Martins.


Inesh  /  Ineech   /  Aines   /   Inēes   /  Inëz  /   Hienes /   Enes   /  Iwunes /   Enid   /   Inz  /  Ineizi   /  Ineesh   /   Neis   /   Inés   /   Inees /   Hienis  /  Ynes   / Ynnyz