Everyday Life

Editorial Design, Creative Writing

Everyday life” is a publication exploring the question:
“How the aesthetics of everyday life influence the design process?”

My role was to research and write about a topic that influences me as a graphic designer. Creating a 68 page, 5,000 word publication. My main topics of research were Wabi Sabi and Kenya Hara. Directly impacting my layout choices and page flow.

All images in the publication come in sticker form to be placed aleatory on the cover.


Inesh  /  Ineech   /  Aines   /   Inēes   /  Inëz  /   Hienes /   Enes   /  Iwunes /   Enid   /   Inz  /  Ineizi   /  Ineesh   /   Neis   /   Inés   /   Inees /   Hienis  /  Ynes   / Ynnyz