Due to the impact of technological advances, image based communication has evolved enourmously over the last twenty years or so. The Internet, too, has provided us all with an “open source” of visual information, often with little or reference points as to where this infromation is from, who owns it, a nd what it was originally intended to be. Technological errors have also been harnessed to create new visual languages, and interactivity provided by the web has helped create new illustrator/ audience two way dialogues. 


Create an iconic series of images for a collaborative “UAL/ Creative Industries” conference poster on teh near future of image led-communication. Consider the above, in ways to create images collisions, interruptions, hybrid associations and deviations to reflect this new territory for the illustrator to define and own.

Inesh  /  Ineech   /  Aines   /   Inēes   /  Inëz  /   Hienes /   Enes   /  Iwunes /   Enid   /   Inz  /  Ineizi   /  Ineesh   /   Neis   /   Inés   /   Inees /   Hienis  /  Ynes   / Ynnyz