The Wait is a one-minute movie shot on analogue camera Bolex Super 16 mm.

What is a Bolex Super 16mm?

A bolex camera is a spring wound, clockwork motor driven movie camera manufactured by Paillard-Bollex in Switzerland during the mid 20th century.
16mm film is a historically popular and economical gauge of film. 16 mm refers to the width of the film. It is generally used for non-theatrical film making, or for low.budget motion pictures.


The Brief

In this brief we were asked to look at the word “equivalence” of 36f in leght or 1 minute in time. Both of the these values are equivalent in the world of
film. We were asked to explore what can be done in the space of 1 minute or in the physical space of 36 feet or in 1500 frames.
We were asked to present any form of euivalence, a theme that can be found in areas ranging from mathematics to morals via langugage, law and physics. 
Key aspects

  • Introduce the character
  • Estabilish the character problem
  • Act on the problem
  • Result ( expected or not)


Inesh  /  Ineech   /  Aines   /   Inēes   /  Inëz  /   Hienes /   Enes   /  Iwunes /   Enid   /   Inz  /  Ineizi   /  Ineesh   /   Neis   /   Inés   /   Inees /   Hienis  /  Ynes   / Ynnyz