Grids form an essential part of our lives. We may not always notice them, their influene on what we see,hear and do. The grid is a simple design device thst provides a framework within ehich a graphic designer can order content on a page. As designers, understanding the advantages as well as the limitations of the grid helps us determine what place they should take in our own work.


To allocate an unconventional grid system into a 5 page publication.

Key aspects

  • Illustrative narrative
  • Playful grid system
  • Cohension along pages

Inesh  /  Ineech   /  Aines   /   Inēes   /  Inëz  /   Hienes /   Enes   /  Iwunes /   Enid   /   Inz  /  Ineizi   /  Ineesh   /   Neis   /   Inés   /   Inees /   Hienis  /  Ynes   / Ynnyz